How To Maximize Your Traffic Exchange Results

How To Maximize Your Traffic Exchange Results

Surfing traffic exchanges is a time consuming task, but once you’ve got the hang of surfing multiple traffic exchanges everyday for a set amount of  time, you will generate some residual traffic to whatever your promoting.

The Method Im Using

I surf multiple traffic exchanges at once (Maximum of 12), Now you can tab surf by clicking the next tab once you clicked the verification image/number, and repeat until you stacked enough credits on the 12 traffic exchanges you surfed.

This is important, before you start surfing you must add the websites that your wanting people to see, I promote my blog, and the free business im in. You do this by navigating to the site tab on the traffic exchange website.

The next step is to set your auto assign credits to your websites im using a ratio of 60% – 40%, but you can choose what suits you best. If by any chance the traffic exchange doesn’t have the auto assign feature, then all you have to do is after your surf session is manually add the credits to your said website.

Auto Tab Tool

Im using a tool that eliminates me having to click to the next tab, what happens is once you activate the tool all you have to do it wait until the verification image/number appears then click the correct one and it automatically goes to the next tab. If you don’t click the image/number it will still go to the next tab so its important to click the right image/number.

There is a pause function activated by pressing your right mouse button this is handy for when your claiming your rewards and for turning off automatic sound.

Awesome Downline Builder For Traffic Exchanges & Mailer

A downline builder helps you capture referrals on traffic exchanges you signed up with by making it so you can add your affiliate links into the builder, so instead of promoting xxx amount of affiliate links, by using this you only promote one affiliate link and once someone signs up under you and goes through the builder and say they sign up to the traffic exchanges you put your affiliate link in you will capture them as your referral.