Gain More Website Visitors

Gain More Website Visitors Using These Sources

Before we get started on ways to drive web traffic to your business, website, affiliate offers or landing pages, im going to share a little bit about myself so you have an understanding on who is writing this blog post/article.

My name is Jordan im 24 years old and have been trying to find ways to make money online for many years now, have had some success and lots of failures.

I found the most important thing that makes an online business successful is driving web traffic to said business

Free Classified Websites

Now this method is honestly time consuming if you do it manually, now you can easily find free classified website online, by just google search that phrase. If you want to speed this process you can pay to have it automated, buy hiring someone at the website freelance

Classified Submissions

Adplotter – This website sends your ad to many different sources, this service not only sends your ad to craigslist but also send it to email, sms, and rvm.

adlandpro – This website you are able to post 1 free ad, someone told me this website posts your ad to 16,000 Sites Online, now whether this is true or not still think this classified website is worth your submission.

FreeAdBlaster – This service says they post your ads on 25 classified website, now haven’t tested the traffic from this source yet if any of you get good results comment below..

Manually Classified Submission



Classified Ads





Ebay Classifieds



Social Media Submission

This method of advertising is really well-known and is very powerful if you market yourself right….

Social Media Website






Google Plus



Now there are lots of social media website on the internet, these are the ones that im using personally and getting awesome results…

List Builder and Mailers

This is very popular method when promoting a landing page and free business, however have seen people post there business using these methods..the traffic you will get from these are people who want to make money online. Now this would be a good place to advertise you blog, landing pages and business. Now once signed up to the list builder and mailers, there are most of the time signup promo codes that give you free credits,banners,text ads and sometimes solo ads. Use these promo codes or you will have to spend money.

List Builder’s

PS Click Power – Promo Code : welcome

Confirmed Traffic – Promo Code : welcome

Viral Builder – Promo Code : welcome

30MinuteList – Promo Code : welcome

WebTraffic4U – Promo Code : welcome

Instant Ads 4 Me – Promo Code : welcome

No Marketer Left Behind – Promo Code : responsive

Thank You Page Connection – Promo Code : thankyou

Mailer are a little different compared to list builder’s, the main difference is that some mailers don’t have promo codes, so the only way to get credits towards your mails are to read other mails from the members of that mailer website…You can also buy credits if you wish.

Now im not going to display the promo codes for these mailers because they don’t have them displayed on there website, now will give you a resource that will help you find promo codes to mailers and list builder’s Click Here



Marketer Safelist


Mail Our List



State of The Art Mailer

Golden Rose Mailer

LeasedAdSpace – You Pay $7 and you can send 1 solo ad to every member of leased ad space every 28 days for life, however to decrease the time between solo ads you have to purchase the next level up from $7, you also get banner credits and text ad credits.

Paid Traffic Method

Now many people prefer this way to drive traffic, yes its high qualify and would convert better then the above methods. You must be willing to pay top dollor for some of the paid advertising networks, Now will be listing some of the paid traffic methods I’ve used.

Price : Cheap



Rebrandable Traffic


Price : Medium

Grow Traffic

Industry Brains

Traffic Magic


Price : High


Traffic Authority