Four Search Engine Optimization Basics for New Bloggers

According to, over 3 million blog posts are published each day. As a new blogger, it’s therefore necessary that you optimize your blog posts so that they attract your target audience and, get ranked high in organic search engine results.Learning search engine optimization basics is therefore a must..

before outlining the basics of seo for bloggers, it’s worth nothing that seo isn’t about creating posts for search engines only. Your focus should be providing valuable content that your target audience and search engines love.

Target 1 or 2 long tail keywords

Keyword research is one of the basics of search engine optimization. There are many research tools you can use. One of the popular online tools is semrush. Besides finding relevant keywords, this tool allows you to conduct competitor research, link analysis, social media analysis, brand monitoring and helps you create detailed reports to keep track of your blog’s seo.

The reason why it’s recommended you target one or two long tail keywords is that it enables you to create a highly focused and detailed blog post. In addition, long tail keywords have less competition which makes them easier to rank for.

Creating content

Your blog posts should incorporate the focus keywords at specific places in order to increase chances of high ranking. Some of the important places to include your keywords are:

– The blog post’s URL
– Titles
– Meta description
– Alt tags for images
– Within the content body

When incorporating keywords within your blog posts, it’s not recommended that you use them too often. Search engines can vow this as keyword stuffing which can negatively affect ranking.
Content length also matters. conducted a research and found that the ideal blog post length should be up to 2500 words in length. Longer blog posts provide more information, are easy to share and surprisingly rank higher in search results.

Make your blog mobile friendly

Over 50% of internet users are using mobile devices. A mobile friendly blog is easily accessible. In fact, mobile friendly website design is one of Google’s seo ranking factors.

Link building

Anyone who wants to learn seo basics needs to understand link building. Your goal should be to get high quality links from authority sites rather than many links from poor quality sites. There are many ways to acquire links including guest posting or even getting your readers to share your content online.

Seo tools like semrush can also help you identify authority sites within your niche that you can acquire links from. Besides getting links from external websites, linking within your blog posts is also recommended.