CBProAds Review

CBProAds Review

What Is ClickBank

Clickbank is the largest affiliate-marketing network for digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories. They cater for Affiliates and Vendors. The platform handles credit card processing, accounting and payouts. Source

To make this simple business owner’s post their product on ClickBank so they can get affiliates like me to promote that product and if im sucessful im entitled to a commission.

How CBProAds Works

CBProAds gives you the resources to promote multiple products that are on clickbank and even separated them by niche, they provide you with multiple website urls that are also tailored to your ClickBank affiliate id so if you drive traffic to any of the websites they provide you and your visitor eventually clicks a product it will redirect them to that product’s sales page and if said person pays you will get a commissions into your ClickBank account balance.

What Features Does CBProAds Have


I stated above they have storefronts that just have multiple Clickbank products on them here is an example of a main store front. There are 4 version and there also customizable.

Niche Based Storefronts

These are niche targeted storefronts that also have your Clickbank affiliate link connected to all the products on the websites. There are about 18 niche storefronts that cbproads host so you don’t need a domain or have to pay for hosting all you must do is send people to the url and watch sales come in… here is an example of a niche storefront

WordPress Plugins

This is the same as above, but instead of cbproads hosting the websites this will require you to have your own domain and hosting, once you have that all you have to do is install the plugin and follow the steps and you will have either your main storefront or a niche targeted storefront it’s up to you.

If you don’t want the wordpress plugin you can also download and install third party blog packages which are pre populated with content, however this will require you to rewrite or spin the articles that are already on it so you can have some unique content in the eyes of google or other search engines.

Quick Note – This section has more detailed instructions inside cbproads itself, heace why im not getting to in detail how to set it all up…

Ad Generator

Here your able to have ClickBank products run as banner ads, and text ads. This is very useful when you already have a popular blog or website. Simply select the banner/text ad dimensions and selected 10 categories and click generate and it will provide you with code to put on your existing website/blog.


This is where you will be able to see you impression and clicks it also shows you which store front the clicks came from. Below is what it may look like for you once you start generating traffic.


Does CBProAds Cost Money

cbproads memberships

As you can see your at a very big disadvantage as a free member, if your free and you promote any of the storefronts or have the ad generator ads on your blog/website your ClickBank affiliate link will only be on 50% of the time, the other 50% is your sponsors affiliate link.

I was a free member for like 1 month at most and decided to purchase the pro membership because it’s only a one time payment and goes on sale sometimes so if you do decide to be a free member just to see what it’s all about, check your email there might be some emails about a pro membership discount.