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Best Keyword Research Tools

I have been blogging for awhile and seen my share of keyword research tools free and paid, the free ones have so many restrictions it’s basically pointless to use them. Not knowing a keywords full statistics is putting your blog and blog post at a disadvantage.

The paid ones are so much better because they show everything your wanting to know about the keyword..traffic, competition, and metrics varies by product. There are many paid keyword research tools online and it’s your job to find out the pros and cons of each one, im going to list some of the best keyword research tools, this is obviously my opinion.

Long Tail Pro – This is very popular and considered to be one of the top keyword researches tools people can use, i myself have considered getting this tool to use for my blog/posts. The reason im sharing this is because not only does this tool offer people a $1 trial for 10 days it has many features that are useful… – This tools has a free and pro version, the free version only lets you see the keyword ideas from the original keyword you entered for example blogging tools, the results would be blogging tools xxxxxx. The pro version lets you access all of the features including the ability to research on youtube,bling, amazon, and app store.

Google Keyword Planner – Honestly this is a free alternative, but still doesn’t have the features the paid ones do that im listing, google keyword tool doesn’t show actual competition to rank it in the search engine, it shows you competition based on the cost to click in adwords and this is the reason that i would prefer paid tools over this. – This tool is an awesome free keyword tool for helping you find long tail keyword ideas off the keyword you entered, would recommend this in conjuction with a tool that can see the traffic results. Like for example say you find a keyword on ubersuggest copy and past that keyword in long tail pro or

Buzzsumo – This is another great tool, it’s not necessarily a keyword research tool, but it has many other features that help with researching other things associated with blogging and content marketing. This tool helps you find blog posting ideas, spy on your competitors, and see whats trending. This tools lets you track keywords and be notified and shown the content associated with the keyword you have tracked.

Ahrefs – This tool is an all in one kinda tool it has keyword research, backlink research, competitor research, and much more. This also have a trial like some of the ones i’ve listed and it costs $7 for 7 days, which in my opinion is not that much time to determine if your wanting to buy the service at least for me.