How To See How Much Traffic a Website Gets

When I land on a website for the first time, I’m looking for high quality content,engagement, and for it to be popular.

Knowing and understanding these statistics will help you determine if that website is worth your time engaging in conversations or bookmarking it. You may also research other websites for your own traffic research.

Here are my favorite methods on how to see how much traffic a website gets.

P.s – Semrush is the best out of all these methods below….

1. Quantcast

This service provides website owners audience measurements, so to see a website traffic on here all you have to do is click explore and enter the url.

If nothing shows up then that particular website doesn’t have enough traffic to be listed on Quantcast.

Below is an example of what you will see….Search the website and Quantcast calculated that it reaches over 410k U.S monthly visitors…


2. SimilarWeb, Alexa Ranking

All these services provide basically the same thing with a few features that may be exclusive from one an other.


This traffic checker service is comparable to Alexa, but has more detail. It shows location of visitors, social media shares, most popular content, organic vs paid and shows referral traffic and where it’s coming from.


With these website its always best to upgrade to unlock all the features, because the free account may limit you in certain ways…

Alexa Ranking


Alexa is very well known for its website ranking algorithm and offering tool bars, chrome extension ect. Alexa tracks every visitor who has installed their toolbar onto their browser, this only counts for 1% of users on the internet. So its that accurate, but gives you a rough estimate of that website’s traffic.


This tool/service is considered to be an seo based tool, based on the amount of research your able to achieve of your own website or your competitors.

Below is a screenshot when you search


Not only does Semrush give you an idea on how much traffic a website gets. You also have the ability to see your internal and external backlinks , keyword analyses, paid advertising, and so much more.

Try searching your domain in the box below

4. YouTube or Other Video Platforms

If the website your researching has a YouTube channel, you can kind of get an idea of the traffic they are generating.


Above is a video uploaded by, you can see this video has 1.5m views.

The only downside to this strategy is your only going to be able to see the videos total views and not how many people actually go to the website off YouTube.

5. Total Comments

This is an overlooked method, but can be really quick method of seeing if the website or blog your on is popular.

Once you comment on a blog your browser redirects you to where your comment will show up. Look at this url and you will see something that looks like the below image.


The end of the url shows your comment number, which in this example is 95th comment. Which means my blog isn’t that popular yet, but do have some interaction nonetheless.

6. Advertising Pages

Most popular websites have what you call an advertise here page, which will include the website metrics including the monthly or daily traffic and the audience demographics.

It’s mandatory for the website owner to display how many unique views and impressions your banner placement or ad is going to receive based on your ad duration.

BuySellAds is one of my favorite places to get advertising


The Final Verdict

The only way to get the actual traffic metric is to ask the website owner, all these tools/ methods are not 100% accurate, yeah some are better than others, but your really only getting a rough estimate.

Let me know in the comments below of methods/services that I missed

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